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Welcome to the only movie source you will ever need (You're welcome). Flick Flack was born out of my lifelong passion for films. Over the years family and friends have come to me asking for recommendations of movies to watch. I decided to take my ever-growing (and unruly) Excel spreadsheet of titles and turn it into a more polished, shareable resource. 2020 provided me ample screen time to vet and critique movies on a new level with a personal record of 300 films in 365 days (Impressive, I know). You’ll most likely find some familiar favorites, but, more importantly, I hope this list allows you to discover a new world of titles while giving you more reasons to curl up with a tub of popcorn for a movie night in. Feel free to subscribe to my website below as the list is constantly evolving. Also, I would love to see your comments on the comment board/page- let me know what brought you joy, tears; made you laugh out loud; cringe or made you sleep with the lights on. 

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